Over half of all symptoms referred for clinical analysis relate to bloating, digestive problems and stomach cramps, a new survey has revealed.

Almost 60% of individuals who opted for laboratory analysis because of food intolerance did so because of concerns involving stomach cramps and bloating.

The analysis, carried out by YorkTest, the European leader in analysing and resolving food intolerances, revealed that it was the primary concern among the public. The company sampled almost 2,500 people during 2015.

YorkTest discovered that the next major worry among the public was skin condition, mainly itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis.

YorkTest Ireland’s Chief Operations Officer Sonja Waters said: “Our sample involved analysing over 2,300 people and 59% reported complaints about bloating and stomach cramps. It was the major issue among our sample of customers and was their primary focus in achieving wellbeing.”

She said: “The other main issues of concern were skin conditions which accounted for 14% of sample and fatigue and exhaustion which came in at 10%. Headaches and migraine represented 4% of our analysis.”

YorkTest Ireland said it anticipated a very busy period during the coming months as people opted to change their lifestyles and focus on their health and wellbeing.

Ms Waters said: “Much of what impacts on our lives revolves around our food intake. Essentially, we are what we eat but too often we are eating foods which simply do not agree with us and we do not realise this. Many people have intolerances to foods that they are not aware of and our simple test, which is scientifically analysed in a laboratory, will tell you what food or drink to either avoid or cut down on.”

YorkTest offers a simple pin prick blood test that allows the individual to have their intolerances scientifically analysed in a laboratory. It is followed up with nutritional advice. Sportspeople such as former Irish rugby scrum half Peter Stringer and Olympic athlete Paula Radcliffe have testified to the benefits of YorkTest’s analysis and its transformative impact on their lives.

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