Asia Matters, Ireland’s only Asia think tank, today announced that it had increased its membership by almost 70% over the last 18 months.

Executive Director Martin Murray said that its focus on building dynamic business links and informed understanding between Ireland and the Asian marketplace has struck a chord with business leaders and sectoral experts.In its 2017 half -term review, Mr Murray said that Asia Matters had increased its membership by 33% year on year and by 69% over the preceding 18 months.

Since being established five years ago, Asia Matters had become the “go-to” organisation in its field, Mr Murray said, and he anticipated further growth this year.

Reviewing highlights since its foundation, the Executive Director pointed to:

  • Over 11,500 people from 47 countries participating in Asia Matters events in China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland.
  • More than 400 speakers have presented at 83 events
  • Over 125,000 people have viewed Asia Matters publications and the organisation is the go to place for public policy makers and the media in Ireland, on all matters relating to Asia.
  • The Asia Matters’ team has spent over 19 months in Asia engaging with and connecting to key policy makers and business leaders in the region.

Launched by Dr. T.P Hardiman, Alan Dukes and Martin Murray, the organization is 100% focussed on building dynamic business links and informed understanding between Asia and Ireland to drive positive partnerships and economic growth.

Mr Murray said: “Our round table discussions, conferences, business networking and special events across the calendar year has certainly increased our membership who see the value in utilizing the expertise and contacts of Ireland’s only think tank that focuses across Asia and, in particular, the key economies of China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.”

Asia Maters is to host the first Global Asia Matters Summit: The New Asia Reality in Dublin on 8 November. The organization is bringing together business leaders and policy makers driving global business change for substantive dialogue and interactive discussion. The Global Asia Matters Summit will be held in the Great Room at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin. Speakers will be announced at a later date.

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